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Launched in May 2010, The Goldman Guide is a free weekly publication of Goldman Small Cap Research and is written by Founder Rob Goldman with contributions from the GSCR contributor team. This non-sponsored investment newsletter seeks to provide investors with market, economic, political and equity-specific insights via an action-oriented, straight to the point approach. No companies mentioned in this newsletter are current sponsored research clients of the Company or its parent, With rare exceptions, all companies or investment ideas mentioned in this publication are publicly traded stocks listed either on the NYSE or the NASDAQ.

Here is Why Oil Prices Are Near Bottom
Written by Rob Goldman   

The good news is that we now know that we are nearing bottom on oil prices which bodes well for price and market stabilization, once growth fears can be allayed.  We may not be at the stock market bottom yet, but see why we are getting close.  Moreover, we are amassing a list of small stocks that could buck the current trends.

February is a Great Month for Stocks
Written by Rob Goldman   

As we enter a new month, I think I speak for all of us when I say good riddance to January!  The good news is that since 2010, the S&P 500 Index has risen each February and with a kick-ass average return. We expect much of the same this go-around as well.

With a busy earnings and economic calendar, this week could be a Groundhog Day for stocks…and I don’t think the market will see its shadow…but there are a lot of negatives out there that will need time to shake out. In fact, there wasn’t a single IPO in the month of January! Go figure, and see some of the hurdles that remain ahead.

Feeling lucky? These oil stocks are worth a watch and maybe even an investment or two…

Check out how our big cap and small cap picks in January will be surprised…

Where Stocks Are Headed And Why
Written by Rob Goldman   

For those of you that like me had to contend with digging out of nearly 30 inches of snow, I hope all is well. With the snow and the horrible market, could this year start off any worse?  We provide insights, data, and info on a variety of topics in this issue. However, in our most important topics, we discuss:

  • Where stocks are headed and why.
  • Reasons to be cautious now but optimistic in the spring and beyond.
  • A microcap stock that is up for the year and could rise 25% from here.
3 Reasons to Ignore the Market Smackdown
Written by Rob Goldman   

I had a lot of fun writing this week’s edition of The Goldman Guide and you will get a lot out of this issue too! Here are the highlights:

  • We provide 3 reasons why stocks will go up---and soon
  • If you like data and tables on P/Es, growth rates, etc. you will see what sectors look really cheap and should be under accumulation
  • Our take on the Super Bowl (an updated and clearer version than the famous indicator) will show you who to root for and why 2016 could be strong for stocks
  • I identify what the bottom for stocks may be in the worst case and most likely scenarios
  • See what stocks you should own now including stocks we profiled last week that more than held their own against the onslaught
Our Top Picks for 2016
Written by Rob Goldman   

It is a new year and that means new ideas. In this week’s issue of The Goldman Guide we identify new themes that will drive stocks in the near term and stocks to play that leverage these themes such as this week’s CES show. Plus, for those investors seeking modest returns, we outline the most efficient and best way to engage in the Dogs of the Dow investment strategy which entails investing in the highest yielding stocks in the Dow Jones.  (Hint: There is a low-priced ETF/ETN.)


…last year, our small cap pick of the year, Orbotech (NASDAQ – ORBK), rose 39% for the year. For 2016, we not only identify our new small cap pick of the year but also a bottom fishing candidate trading under $2 that could jump 60% in 2016. The chart looks terrible and it dropped by 56% last year but oftentimes this year’s biggest winners are the worst performers of the year before. This stock seems primed to fit that bill.

The January Effect 2016
Written by Rob Goldman   

It looks like The January Effect has just begun for small caps and should continue with earnest next week and beyond. What is it and why has it occurred for 30 of the past 36 years?

While you’re at it, see why the numbers show that small caps offer a greater value and more upside than larger cap stocks after ensuring a poor 2 years.

Finally, we uncover a stock that is expected to grow EPS by 40% next year, had a major contract renewed for 7 years by one of the biggest companies in the world, and yet it trades only 8x next year’s EPS!

A Stock You Can “Bank” On
Written by Rob Goldman   

Ever get the feeling that stocks have no clue which way they wish to move? That’s why we outline the top 4 things that will drive stock direction over the next 12 months in this week’s issue of The Goldman Guide. While we shoot a warning shot across the bow due to Asia growth problems brewing, the 2016 Presidential Election is sure to have a major impact. The good news is that since 1979, the performance of the S&P 500 Index during election years has been strong. (Check out the table on page 2 of The Guide.)

Remember the interest rate hike last week? Well, that means it is likely the Financials sector will have a banner year in 2016. With that in mind, we have identified a stock you can “bank” on. Not only is it enjoying solid growth, but just last week it raised its quarterly dividend by 25%. Plus, if the long-awaited M&A activity occurs in this segment of the banking space, it could have a strong performance for the first half of 2016.

Star Wars Could Dominate Stocks
Written by Rob Goldman   

Last week was an abject disaster thanks to the dive in oil prices and concern about the prospective interest rate rise this week. Nonetheless, our Smith & Wesson (NASDAQ – SWHC) pick was up 23%.

What’s on tap this week and what is inside this week’s issue of the Guide

  • There is one stock that stands to benefit from the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens which stands to break all kids of records.
  • Chipotle (NYSE – CMG) is going to drop lower and we believe that estimates are still too high. See what two stocks are beneficiaries of the CMG debacle.
  • The warm weather means you need to avoid apparel stocks.
  • We expect the market to stabilize and rise once the oil price decline subsides and the interest rate uncertainty finally reaches a conclusion.
Opportunity Knocking
Written by Rob Goldman   

Look, there is a reason gun sales are surging and the more gun control advocates make noise or these horrific events occur, the more gun sales will climb. Thus, it is a no-brainer town these stocks, regardless of their big performance this year, are going to move higher. See what to expect from these stocks and their surprisingly reasonable valuations.

Opportunity Knocking?

Each year around this time, year-end selling occurs in stocks that have been poor or disappointing performers over the previous 6-12 months.  The heavy and steady selling in these securities typically results in unique oversold opportunities toward the end of the year, especially in small cap stocks.  Moreover, history illustrates that many of one year’s big losers tend to be strong performers during the early part of the following year. This week’s candidate is under major accumulation, has a series of very positive events in its sights, and could grow by 40% by early next year.

In the Green, In the Red
Written by Rob Goldman   

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend. Which sectors will be on fire in the weeks ahead? Is the small cap segment about to break out?

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