Our Research Philosophy

Our unique due diligence, stock selection and research production philosophies are based upon 25 years of experience in the small cap and microcap universe while working for major Wall Street investment bank research departments and managing mutual funds and small cap stocks. Too often, analysts spend an enormous amount of time trying to generate as much information as possible about a company and/or its industry, or are constantly tweaking their spreadsheets, ahead of a research report release. As a result, their reports are tomes that resemble college papers. They may be good reads, but they are not actionable vehicles for investors.

We harken back to our early days when research directors told us to think like money managers and not like think tanks, which we have been doing since the 1990’s. Later on, when managing money, this mindset became even more useful.

Based on these principles, we take a less is more approach to our publication process and incorporate fundamental analysis, technical analysis and peer group comparisons, among other factors and issues. As a result, few of our reports exceed 16 pages and may include Pro Forma Income Statements or Comparable Valuation Tables. Our company updates, microcap hot topics articles, average 2-4 pages, while our Special Reports vary in length.