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Originally published as a newsletter from 2010-2016, we re-launched The Goldman Guide in January 2023 as a free weekly audio/video podcast with a companion newsletter version. These varied formats allow our subscribers to utilize their preferred method of learning about our investment, economic, sector, equity, and crypto insights.  This non-sponsored content seeks to provide subscribers with detailed data, perspectives and opinions in an action-oriented, straight to the point approach. The podcast and newsletter are produced by Goldman Small Cap Research and are led by Founder Rob Goldman. Occassionally, there may be contributions from the GSCR contributor team, as indicated.  No companies mentioned in this podcast or newsletter are current or prior sponsored research clients of the Company or its parent.  

This Strategist Has Made Nearly Flawless Predictions
Written by Rob Goldman   

After reviewing stock and stock index returns, I discovered that late last year a strategist that made performance predictions for the main stock indices has turned out to be almost exactly on target year-to-date.  Check it out here and see what he has to say now…

It is a new quarter and that means new reports, updates, and new premium newsletters are going to be landing in your inbox very soon. In the meantime, this week’s edition of The Goldman Guide not only highlights must-read articles around the web and key market sentiment stats, but we profile a low-priced, dividend-paying “Halloween” stock that could see a big move this month due to seasonality and its share buyback program.

Top 5 Moves Hedge Funds Are Making Right Now
Written by Rob Goldman   

If it feels like stocks are terrible performers you are right. The NASDAQ and Russell 2000 are down about 6% in just the past 10 days!  What’s next?

#1: Investor sentiment is at a record bearish level. Is this good news or bad news? How does that affect us today? 

#2: Have institutions been playing games lately to cause volatility? Are potential policy shifts and upcoming changes in Republican leadership affecting stocks to the same degree as economic, interest rate, and earnings concerns?

#3: What are the top 5 moves hedge funds are making right now to generate big returns even in down to sideways markets? How they are setting themselves up for a huge end of year run?

Top 3 Potential Movers This Week
Written by Rob Goldman   

I hate to say it but, damn it, Janet! Your “stand-pat” policy has given us exactly what we did not want: uncertainty. Thanks for nothing.   All you have done is prolong the agony over the timing of the long-awaited interest rate increase. Thank goodness for Factset’s release on Q3 earnings. Their latest insights suggest that the estimated earnings growth rate for the S&P 500 (ex-Energy) for Q3 2015 is 3.0%, but that it rises to 8.8% for companies with 50%+ of its sales in the U.S. 

This confirms our belief that the Fed’s initial move(s) will be incremental. Armed with this info, domestic-centric, non-energy companies may offer the greatest upside.  With that in mind, while the rest of Wall Street wrings its hands not knowing what comes next, here are 3 potential movers this week:

#1: A popular and important index is just 2% below its 200 day moving average. If we get a mini-rally, it could have some legs this week as this index’s performance could be a short term buy signal.  See how to take advantage.

#2: This overlooked sector has been brushed aside time and time again as it has endured more false starts this year than an Oakland Raiders offensive line. Yet, it could be one of the biggest winners of the latter part of 2015 and 2016, if things go as we lay them out for you. The good news is we outline how to play it.

#3: This week’s profiled stock gets most of its sales in the good old USofA and is a “steel.” The company reports its latest results on Thursday and it has surprised on the upside four straight quarters.  Traders could see quick gains and longer term holders could enjoy solid returns, since the valuation is attractive.

Can the NFL Help Twitter?
Written by Rob Goldman   

This week’s abridged edition of The Goldman Guide talks about the expected market action which should be dominated by the end of the week Fed meetings. See what you should be doing in ahead of the meeting, and following the conclusion of the session...

Plus, see the symbiotic relationship between Twitter and the NFL…how will that help Twitter?

And check out our NFL picks…

These Stocks Could Carry the Market
Written by Rob Goldman   

It looks like the market is returning to its senses, aided in part by a consensus of Wall Street strategists that unanimously state solid returns for the balance of 2015 and 2016. Isn’t that what we said two weeks ago?  That alone is reason enough to cheer!  See why stocks are primed for a run and why the stocks featured in today’s edition of The Goldman Guide could be leaders in the near term. There is something for everyone: the bottom fisher, the story stock/technology buyer and we even included a big ‘ol blue chip.

The Market’s Secret Weapon
Written by Rob Goldman   
  • The Fed not being stupid about rates in September notwithstanding, we expect volatility in the near term as we find some equilibrium, and gains in Q4
  • Something happened last week that virtually guarantees stocks will be up sharply later in the year when we have our usual year-end rally
  • Our reading recommendations include short pieces critical to your investments
  • Our recommendations last week did remarkably well despite the market zaniness
  • Negative data released by BofA and Bloomberg about small caps looks fishy, so we did our own research and corrected it here. We will be sending it around since Bloomberg and others may have screwed up big time in their articles.
  • This monster of a small cap stock and recent 30-30 achiever is our current best idea. It is slated to grow EPS by 50% but trades less than 11x net year’s EPS!
You Felt the Pain, Prepare for the Gain
Written by Rob Goldman   

Ouch…what more can I say? 

  • It is obvious Monday will be another day of carnage. See what to expect later this week and why
  • We outline what will work and what will not work as you prepare for the inevitable bounce
  • History tells us an up year in 2016 is a slam dunk
  • Now is the time to compare the indices and to play these dead money stocks and under the radar stocks

We have some amazing tweets that we re-published from last week that are incredibly timely, given the circumstances. Plus, a review of parallels politically and economically between 2015 and 1991/1992 that along with critical data show that next year will be very strong!!

I know things are really tough to swallow right now. Keep this in mind: These may be the darkest hours for stocks. But even darkness leads to daylight, and that is what lies ahead.

Read The Goldman Guide here:

Alfred E. Neuman & The Stock Market
Written by Rob Goldman   

After last week’s insanity, where are stocks headed and what should you do? Not only do we dig through the numbers with history and context, but we identify exactly what will work in this market and even provide a single pick that has limited downside and a lot of upside.  Of course, we had some help from Alfred E Neuman.

12 Things I’d Like to See
Written by Rob Goldman   

Ugly market, a major bellwether losing fans, indices breaching death crosses, 6 straight down days for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and we are nearing a corrective phase for small caps.

I love this market! Well, within reason. See why all these and other factors foretell good tidings ahead and cement the fact that we are in a stock picker’s market which is good for you and in our wheelhouse as we head into the fall.

With the current circus political atmosphere and jittery investment environment I think we all would like to see something different. So this week’s Guide offers a change of pace with “12 Things I’d Like to See” in popular culture and politics. It is sure to give you a chuckle or ten. Think of it also as a series of “What If’s?”

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The Greatest Day Ever
Written by Rob Goldman   

Friends, last Thursday may have been the greatest day in the history of Goldman Small Cap Research. Four of our profiled companies reported upside surprises on the same day and jumped an average of 15% for the day on very heavy volume. Two of our 30-30 picks were up an average of 18% while the Guide picks rose an average of 14%.  And three of the four have room to move much higher. Talk about batting 1.000…Investors that got in any or all of these companies when we profiled them surely made some cash. 

In honor of this event, we are extending our $99 offer for an annual subscription to The 30-30 Report through the month of August.

Want to know what kind of returns to expect? While The 30-30 Report tends to produce even greater short term gains, since 1/16/15, our small cap picks in The Goldman Guide are up 13.5% YTD vs. 5.3% for the Russell 2000 Index.

Check out the stock-by-stock performance below:

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