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Originally published as a newsletter from 2010-2016, we re-launched The Goldman Guide in January 2023 as a free weekly audio/video podcast with a companion newsletter version. These varied formats allow our subscribers to utilize their preferred method of learning about our investment, economic, sector, equity, and crypto insights.  This non-sponsored content seeks to provide subscribers with detailed data, perspectives and opinions in an action-oriented, straight to the point approach. The podcast and newsletter are produced by Goldman Small Cap Research and are led by Founder Rob Goldman. Occassionally, there may be contributions from the GSCR contributor team, as indicated.  No companies mentioned in this podcast or newsletter are current or prior sponsored research clients of the Company or its parent.  

12 Things I’d Like to See
Written by Rob Goldman   

Ugly market, a major bellwether losing fans, indices breaching death crosses, 6 straight down days for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and we are nearing a corrective phase for small caps.

I love this market! Well, within reason. See why all these and other factors foretell good tidings ahead and cement the fact that we are in a stock picker’s market which is good for you and in our wheelhouse as we head into the fall.

With the current circus political atmosphere and jittery investment environment I think we all would like to see something different. So this week’s Guide offers a change of pace with “12 Things I’d Like to See” in popular culture and politics. It is sure to give you a chuckle or ten. Think of it also as a series of “What If’s?”

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The Greatest Day Ever
Written by Rob Goldman   

Friends, last Thursday may have been the greatest day in the history of Goldman Small Cap Research. Four of our profiled companies reported upside surprises on the same day and jumped an average of 15% for the day on very heavy volume. Two of our 30-30 picks were up an average of 18% while the Guide picks rose an average of 14%.  And three of the four have room to move much higher. Talk about batting 1.000…Investors that got in any or all of these companies when we profiled them surely made some cash. 

In honor of this event, we are extending our $99 offer for an annual subscription to The 30-30 Report through the month of August.

Want to know what kind of returns to expect? While The 30-30 Report tends to produce even greater short term gains, since 1/16/15, our small cap picks in The Goldman Guide are up 13.5% YTD vs. 5.3% for the Russell 2000 Index.

Check out the stock-by-stock performance below:

Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Written by Rob Goldman   

Technically, all stocks look terrible with few stocks above their DMAs

Stocks are still in a narrow range with mini-spurts and swings likely to reappear

Small stock EPS growth for 2016 should be tremendous

Plays of the week include a sell signal, buy on weakness and a back to school stock

Use These Teaching Moments to Make Money
Written by Rob Goldman   

What a week!  We knew that the market was primed for a big move but who would have expected the magnitude of it!

Perhaps you noticed that most stocks did not really participate last week. That actually isn’t a bad thing. In fact it is great for small cap stocks over the next 3 weeks or so. It is times like these that can make or break a portfolio which is why we have highlighted three key teaching moments that relate to current events: Sentiment changes, valuation shifts, and analyst mistakes.

Don’t Overlook This All-Important Event
Written by Rob Goldman   

We all know about and are probably sick of the Greece and China situations playing the role of number one financial news story. While reporters and pros have had their sights abroad they have forgotten the most important barometer and mover of stocks which will show itself this week!  Check it out here and see what could happen before it happens…

Bad News is Good News for US
Written by Rob Goldman   

As expected, things have come to a head with the Greek Tragedy. Still, we view this as really good news for U.S. investors. It brings us closer to a screaming buy signal where investors can feel comfortable buying in earnest. Check out our 3 reasons why this situation will present itself sooner than you think and even help 2016.

The returns of our Goldman Guide picks, much like our 30-30 picks, are impressive and with new changes on the horizon, we expect the returns to be even better in the second half of the year.

Don’t mind risk or speculation? We have some out of the box ideas to play the Greek/European crisis with an ETF, a bond, and sectors (for stocks.)

Top Four Investing Themes for Changing Times
Written by Rob Goldman   

This week’s edition of The Goldman Guide takes an exclusive detailed look at the global economic changes in Europe and the U.S., along with the recent swift societal shifts in the States and presents the top four investing themes for our new environment. It is deep, insightful, highlights the top four investing themes and targets for the next few years and may not be suitable for all audiences.

Also, with the advent of the Fourth of July holiday this week, we are planning something special for all of our subscribers. Stay tuned…
The Best Father’s Day Wish
Written by Rob Goldman   

A few days ago I was asked what I wanted for Father’s Day. I have never really been a big Father’s Day kind of guy so I responded by saying I wanted nothing. Heck, if I could sleep a little more than usual I am a happy camper. This year, however, it is different, following sobering events in Charleston, South Carolina last week where 9 innocent people were murdered in a church.

Years ago, even violent lunatics that may have known no bounds knew that a place of worship was off limits for random acts of violence, even by them. For the past year, regardless of faith and country of origin, it has become open season for violence in these houses around the world. Perhaps because so many citizens around the world do not count themselves among those of faith or have no respect for other faiths that a religious sanctuary is now held in lower regard than a Starbucks.

While I am not so naïve to think that we can realistically see peace on earth, etc. I am hopeful that recent events will give everyone pause and thoughts of unity rather than division.

I think most of you would agree that our fathers may be our most important and influential teachers and in honor of fathers everywhere, we are teaching you a thing or two in this week’s issue of the Guide.

In less than 3 minutes we:

  • Introduce new vocabulary words to mesmerize your co-workers
  • Review an Asian power’s return and a European power’s decline
  • Outline correct portfolio construction
  • Refer links to incredible stories on the web
Three Cheers For Adultery?
Written by Rob Goldman   

Where else can you find a story about the world’s new growth industry, adultery, a new stock pick giving its customers a good time and upside, a 35-year old prank, evidence that investors are overwhelming bearish, and 3 previous stock picks that hit new year highs last week?

We Are In The Twilight Zone
Written by Rob Goldman   

What do you get when you combine a group of elderly Republicans with a Lebanese restaurant, a country music band, and lesbian dancers? The answer is in this week’s Guide and could portend that this Twilight Zone event means craziness for stocks is on the horizon.

Not sure which way stocks will move? In this issue:

  • We highlight two “tells” that signal bad days lie ahead.
  • A new investment blogger poll indicates bulls are now hibernating
  • We provide tips on what to do in case of a correction
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