Our 6th Annual Special Thanksgiving Report

It is that time of year again. Welcome to our 6th Annual Thanksgiving Treats & Turkeys Report. What exactly is this report? I am glad you asked. Some of you in the audience may be too shy or frankly not give a damn what the hell this crap is, while others are dying to find out. For those of you at least a little curious—thanks for making the right choice.

An average of 41.8%!!!!

Each year we select 3 stocks to buy (treats) and 3 stocks to sell or sell short (turkeys). They range from mega-cap to microcap and the performance, like most of our idea generated stock picks, kick enormous ass. This past year, however, was a record, as the average return for the past 12 months for all 6 stocks was a return of 41.8%. Four of six stocks had positive returns with the worst performer down 7.7% and the top winner up 169.6%.

This year’s picks tend to leverage the winner (and loser) of the Presidential Election and run the gamut size-wise, and by industry. We hope you enjoy the complimentary report and from our family to yours, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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