Flurry of Biotech Mergers and Acquisitions Bodes Well for PharmaCyte Biotech

Since the Company’s Cell-in-a-Box(R) live cell encapsulation technology has such broad potential applications, it could emerge as a universal therapy for the treatment of multiple forms of cancer and diabetes and compete with a number of existing, billion dollar products, potentially making PharmaCyte Biotech the prototypical acquisition target.  

LiveDeal Takes Distribution to a New Level

Following the introduction of new ecommerce initiatives, LiveDeal, Inc. (NASDAQ – LIVE - $3.24 – Spec Buy), has now taken its product distribution to a new level with the recent announcement that numerous consumer products offered by LiveDeal and its Modern Everyday subsidiary are now available for purchase on Amazon.com .

Clinical Milestones Abound for PharmaCyte Biotech in 2015

In an era when small biotech companies may only launch one trial a year, having three, high profile, abdominal cancer trial events to look forward to this year could put PharmaCyte Biotech on the map.

PMCB is a Four Bagger

It has been over a year since we have written about PharmaCyte Biotech (OTCQB – PMCB), formerly Nuvilex we believe that these shares are grossly undervalued in light of the Company’s increasingly growing profile in the medical community due to its current and future activity and visibility on the clinical trial front. In fact, one could argue that PMCB is in better positioning now than a year ago, when it traded much higher.

Seven Reasons Why We Believe PMCB is a Four Bagger

  • PMCB owns exclusive rights to a technology that could emerge as the first universal therapy and treatment of choice for multiple cancers and diabetes, potentially worth billions in annual sales down the road.
  • Favorable legacy and updated results from early-mid-stage pancreatic cancer clinical trials will be followed by the commencement of a Phase 2b clinical trial in 2H15.
  • The high profile and coveted Orphan Drug designation was granted by the FDA in December, 2014 to PMCB’s pancreatic cancer treatment.
  • Preclinical trials for abdominal cancers using the Company’s platform technology were designed, in part, by the leading authority on pancreatic cancer, Dr. Daniel Von Hoff, and conducted by America’s leading Contract Research Organization that specializes in oncology. This substantially raises the PMCB profile and could result in future, fast-tracked trials.
  • A series of steps are in progress that will lead toward diabetes clinical trials, which, in turn, represent a substantial market opportunity.
  • Management is actively engaged in pursuing the use of compounds from the Cannabis plant (known as “cannabinoids”) in combination with its Cell-in-a-Box® platform technology to treat deadly cancers where there are no substantially effective treatments on the market.
  • With multiple shots on goal we believe that PMCB’s stock is overlooked and grossly undervalued, relative to its peer group, as outlined in our report.
LiveDeal’s New eCommerce Platform to Drive Revenue

Yesterday, LiveDeal, Inc. (NASDAQ – LIVE – $3.15 – Spec Buy) announced that it has officially launched a new eCommerce platform, accessible via www.LiveDeal.com

LiveDeal’s Software Platform Pays Dividends

As evidenced by its strong sales results for the first fiscal quarter of 2015, the August 2014 acquisition of its ModernEveryday.com subsidiary has already been a big revenue win for LiveDeal, Inc. (NASDAQ – LIVE – $2.97 – Spec Buy.) 

This Stock Could Enjoy an 80% Increase in Gross Profit Margin

First, the company announced a 1200% increase in quarterly sales to the tune of $8M in its most recent quarter. Now, a clever new initiative by this high volume NASDAQ stock could result in an increase in gross profit margin of 80% for its high demand products. Clearly, the company appears to be making the right moves and now has the opportunity to take advantage of tremendous operating leverage to produce enviable financial results which could be followed by a valuation expansion.

Overlooked Stock Offers Great Entry Point

Some investors like to buy on momentum while others prefer to bottom fish. Yet, some of the most successful investors are those that find value in overlooked stocks, and buy them as success is achieved, while the rest of the investing world ignores the opportunity. A company we have covered for some time is in that exact situation today and given the spate of very favorable news of late, we believe that current prices offer an unusual entry point.

Not only has the Company introduced new and innovative products, but management has trail-blazed into large, new markets with first-of-its kind offerings that will generate revenue beginning in 2Q15.

A Top Performing Stock Under $10

We all saw the shellacking stocks received on Friday. Believe it or not, there were a few stocks out of the thousands that trade on NASDAQ that hit new highs, which is amazing considering it was in the face of a sound drubbing.   One sub-$10 stock in particular had a strong day and technically it appears as if the recent moves are just the beginning. The favorable technical attributes, combined with very positive news announced after Friday's close bode well for investors new to the story.

Innovative Alternative Energy Stock Offers Great Entry Point

After scouring the NASDAQ landscape for a new alternative energy idea we have unearthed a truly diversified, revenue generating company that boasts a leadership team second to none that includes a former U.S. Secretary of Energy. Despite a recent spate of good news, the stock is off its September highs; however, it has since bounced sharply and currently trades comfortably off of its 52-week low. Moroever, it is not far below its 50-day moving average. With solid milestones ahead, opportunistic investors may view the current share price as a favorable entry point.

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