Undervalued PharmaCyte’s Breakthrough Technology to Treat Diabetes and Cancer

PharmaCyte Biotech (OTC – PMCB) may be undervalued today but that is not likely to last. See why it could quickly return to its highs of six months ago.

Chanticleer Offers Compelling Valuation

With so many stocks still in the valuation stratosphere we are pleased to announce that we are initiating coverage of Chanticleer Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ – HOTR - $1.31), a low-priced, fast-growing, yet low valuation company. 

In fact, Chanticleer is one of the fastest-growing and most attractively priced companies in the entire fast casual dining space. The Company owns and operates over 50 restaurant brands in the U.S, South Africa, Australia, and Europe. Chanticleer is a franchisee owner of 15 Hooters and dozens of restaurants in the wildly popular “better burger” segment.  Total sales for both the second quarter of 2015 and the first half of the year exceeded 60%.

There are a number of reasons why HOTR is such a compelling play at current levels, including valuation. HOTR trades at a huge discount to its peers like Shake Shack (NASDAQ – SHAK) on a price/sales basis despite its much higher expected revenue growth rate. That gap should narrow considerably later this year once an acquisition closes that will provide 25% EBITDA margins, thus creating a compelling and unusual opportunity for investors.
Strong Amazon and eBay Results Suggest Great Quarter for LiveDeal

LiveDeal Inc.’s (NASDAQ – LIVE - $2.99 – Spec Buy) ecommerce peers Amazon and eBay recently reported better than expected results for the most recently completed quarter which suggests that the Company is also primed for strong results for the first quarter of 2015. 

Unprecedented Diabetes Research Collaboration to Lead to Expedited PharmaCyte Biotech Clinical Trials

One of the untold stories behind PharmaCyte Biotech’s (OTCQB – PMCB - $0.159) success is that the formation and implementation of its International Diabetes Consortium has already resulted in unique and unprecedented collaboration on diabetes research which should lead to expedited clinical trials. The 16-member group, which boasts top tier scientists and doctors in the field of diabetes research and treatment, has members concurrently leading PharmaCyte Biotech-related diabetes research projects in more than half a dozen universities in Europe and Asia. 

LiveDeal Leveraging its Successful Acquisition History to Initiate New M&A Strategy

Following the wildly successful acquisition and integration of Modern Everyday, Inc., LiveDeal Inc. (NASDAQ – LIVE - $3.26 – Spec Buy) recently announced that it has initiated a new acquisition strategy designed to leverage the success of the August 2014 purchase and its current restaurant deal segment. 

PharmaCyte Biotech Moving Closer to Human Clinical Trials Around an Elite New Leadership Team

One of the untold stories regarding the recent transformation of PharmaCyte Biotech (OTCQB – PMCB - $0.1649 – Spec Buy) is that much of it is owed to the new leadership team.  In the span of just over a year, Chief Executive Officer Kenneth L. Waggoner has significantly upgraded the quality of the Company’s leadership team, particularly with respect to the clinical research and execution side, which is a veritable “Who’s Who” in the global scientific community.

Move over Ebay and Amazon: LiveDeal’s Prices found to be More Competitive

One factor that could enable LiveDeal to obtain and retain online customer loyalty is its timed “Live” offering, which was associated with each deal we reviewed. Price conscious shoppers tend to gravitate to the lowest prices. However, if the consumer believes that these prices are lower now and will be lower going forward because of the deal opportunities on the website, they will return again and again to purchase products.  This cycle could lead to substantial business and revenue gains this year.

LiveDeal’s Margins Set to Outperform Amazon and Overstock.com

In contrast, ModernEveryday Inc., a LiveDeal subsidiary, is on track to generating significant gross profit margins later this year as it begins to produce some of its most popular goods, thereby giving it substantial pricing power. This subsidiary’s operating performance success in 2015 should prompt LiveDeal to outshine the valuation afforded companies like Overstock, whose fortunes are also tied to the household and housewares segments, and trades over 30x this year’s EPS estimate. 

PMCB and the Diabetes Breakthrough

A major scientific journal recently published a study led by one of PMCB’s Diabetes Consortium members. The animal study showed that a new cell line designed by the study’s authors have developed a method of reversing Type 1 diabetes.  The key is that in order for the cell line to reverse Type 1 diabetes in humans, the cells must be encapsulated in a cocoon, as in PMCB’s Cell-in-a-Box technology.

PharmaCyte Biotech’s Novel Approach to Brain Cancer May Be Company’s Silver Bullet

It is no surprise that PharmaCyte Biotech’s (OTCQB – PMCB - $0.1226 – Spec Buy) treatment for pancreatic cancer retains such a high profile in the oncology community. After all, the Company is about to embark on another mid-stage clinical trial to treat pancreatic cancer using its innovative flagship technology.

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