Special Reports

Throughout the year we publish special reports that may coincide with certain events such as stock market corrections, industry sector rotation or can be a stock or group of stocks we believe offers significant upside potential. We also issue an annual Thanksgiving Treats and Turkeys report (buys and sells), and our December “Top Predictions” for the upcoming year.

4th Annual Thanksgiving Special Report
For the fourth year in a row, we are publishing our annual Goldman Small Cap Research Thanksgiving Treats & Turkeys Report. This year, even though we are on a diet, we give you 3 stocks to buy and 3 stocks to sell. And instead of just small cap stocks, this year our picks come in all shapes and sizes. With the holiday season starting later in the calendar year, retailers have stepped up their game and so we elected to highlight some consumer stocks this year. Last year, our sells outperformed our buys and this year we believe both sides are primed for strong results.
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