The 30-30 Report Jul - Aug 2014

The 30-30 Report Jul - Aug 2014 is out.

The 30-30 Report Jul - Aug 2014

Issue Preview:

Given the lagging returns of the Russell 2000 Index of late we elected to review its performance data and compare it with that of our profiled stocks. We were amazed at the huge difference in our peak returns when compared with the key small cap index, along with strong absolute returns.   The data below hold the keys to building one of the most successful small cap, short term trading newsletters. 

The data below illustrates our successes. 

  • Since May 2012, we have profiled 76 stocks and the average peak return achieved per stock is 97% versus 58% for the Russell 2000
  • Over half of our profiled stocks have reached the 30% mark within an average of 102 days.  Most stocks don't reach 30% in a year.
  • Since January 2013, the stocks that reached 30% inside of 90 days have generated a total return of roughly 73% versus 36% for the Russell 2000. That is a ridiculous figure and more than double the index.
  • Since August of 2013, the monthly peak returns of the profiled stocks have beaten the Russell 2000 in 10 of 11 months—the lone laggard was by .3%.  The average monthly peak return for that period was 14% versus around 4% for the Russell 2000 Index.
  • One-third, or 3 of our last 9 picks, have reached a peak price of at least 24% in the past 90 days, with one hitting the 30% mark. During this period, the Russell 2000 peaked at 6%.  

Looking ahead to the current issue, we believe two of June's picks are primed to have a great few weeks ahead while the new 3 picks are markedly different and have great technical chart features, along with high growth ahead and reasonable valuations.

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