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Originally published as a newsletter from 2010-2016, we re-launched The Goldman Guide in January 2023 as a free weekly audio/video podcast with a companion newsletter version. These varied formats allow our subscribers to utilize their preferred method of learning about our investment, economic, sector, equity, and crypto insights.  This non-sponsored content seeks to provide subscribers with detailed data, perspectives and opinions in an action-oriented, straight to the point approach. The podcast and newsletter are produced by Goldman Small Cap Research and are led by Founder Rob Goldman. Occassionally, there may be contributions from the GSCR contributor team, as indicated.  No companies mentioned in this podcast or newsletter are current or prior sponsored research clients of the Company or its parent.  

The Goldman Guide: The Fear Factor
Written by Rob Goldman   

Recession at home. No real change in the employment picture. The debt contagion spreading across the European continent from one country to another. The downgrade of the U.S. credit rating.

It’s enough to make the cowardly lion jump off a cliff.  Make no mistake. There is a lot of chaos, confusion, uncertainty and fear.  It is times like this that we look to point fingers. I blame the politicians. All of them. There is an old saying:

The Goldman Guide: Beat the Heat and Beat the Market
Written by Rob Goldman   

Beat the Heat….

In contemporary times and terms, hot is good. Cold is bad. Think about it. That is “hot”, or she is “hot”, are both good. “Cold turkey” isn’t bad, but difficult. Then there is “threw cold water on the situation.” “Runs hot and cold.”

The Goldman Guide: Why Don't You Own This Stock?
Written by Rob Goldman   

Hello! Below is the latest edition of The Goldman Guide. This week, on the heels of the release of the last of the Harry Potter movies (which was very good), I ask (and answer) the question:

How Do We Fight Today's Economic Voldemort?

I also want to know, Why Don't You Own This Stock? It is such a no-brainer. Read on, and enjoy.

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