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WhereverTV is poised to change the way consumers across the globe access and watch live television and video programming. The Company is leveraging the fast-growing OTT (over the top) platform approach and a unique, proprietary Global Interactive Program Guide to emerge as a leader in the global online television and video market. Industry estimates suggest that this market will grow from $3.8B in 2010 to $28.9B in 2017. Other experts are predicting Internet TV will be larger than Facebook and Twitter combined by 2017. With 150,000 free subscribers in 189 countries and more than 1,000 channels, WhereverTV has an enviable head start on potential Internet TV competitors. Given its positioning and approach, along with the growth of the OTT market, we believe the undervalued shares of TVTV will enjoy a huge rise as subscriber and programming milestones are reached next year.

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