New Offerings Are Game-Changers
In September, we introduced a very cool company in the email marketing space called WrapMail, Inc. (OTCPK –WRAP). WRAP has executed a flurry of tremendous initiatives in recent weeks which could really drive revenue this year. The stock has traded well and looks primed to move much higher. Check it out here!
Trading Alert- MVTG
Today, we are issuing a rare trading alert on Mantra Venture Group, Ltd. (OTCQB – MVTG - $0.24), a stock we profiled in June that is up 150%. The bottom line is that it appears as if it will soon break though the $0.24 level to a new high and based on upcoming events, could reach $0.50.
Move to NASDAQ in the Cards
Today, we are releasing a new report on SunSi Energies, Inc. (OTCQB – SSIE - $5.09.) But, don’t be fooled! This is far different from any other report you have seen on SSIE. Our previous reports on SSIE have been under our sponsored research offering known as Opportunity Research. However, due to major changes in the business model and the pending move upstream to NASDAQ, we are now covering SSIE via our non-sponsored format, Select Research. SSIE is only the 3rd company we have covered in this format and the other 2 had monster gains following our coverage release. We expect the same can happen with SSIE in 2013, as we have a $9.00 price target.
Ground Floor Energy Play

Today we are initiating coverage of North American Oil and Gas Corp, a pure-play ground floor opportunity in the oil and gas exploration and production space. With funding in place from a key partner and properties in close proximity to the largest oil and gas find in California, the Company is in a great position to generate solid returns. Drilling has begun on one prospect and we expect a series of catalysts in the near term.

Riding the Coattails of Success
The crown jewel in the Itonis family is Itonis Pharmaceuticals, which is developing what may be the first over-the-counter, systemically active preparation delivered via a nasal and/or sublingual spray for the alleviation of mild to moderate nausea. Itonis Pharmaceuticals is led by the famed homeopathic and nutraceutical pioneer and a founder of the Firm that launched the popular Zicam® Cold Remedy. Under his guidance, sales quickly reached the $100M mark, prior to his departure in the late 1990’s.
YLLC: Poised for A Big Move
Today, we are initiating coverage of Yellow7 (OTCQB:YLLC). The bottom line is that this emerging media company with diversified properties and divisions has a current valuation that reflects only one division alone, thereby providing investors with the other divisions for “free”. At current levels, the stock is only trading roughly 1.5x twelve months trailing reported revenue and should substantially increase total sales in the coming quarters.
FMR.V: The Smart Gold Play
Today, we are initiating coverage of Fairmont Resources (FMR.V, OTCPK:FRSSF). The bottom line is that this is an expensive way to play the likely success of one of North America’s largest gold exploration projects.
Unlocking Huge Value in Tech Incubator
Today, we are initiating coverage of Intertainment Media (INT.V, OTCQX:ITMTF). This is an amazing asset play that will be unlocking value very soon with one of its divisions expected to go public at a valuation of $200-$400M in early 2013.
NVLX: New results Even Better
Today, is a cool day for 2 reasons. First, today’s date is 10/11/12. Nice and consecutive.
Plus, we are issuing an update on Nuvilex (OTCQB – NVLX)for the first time in a while. The Company released results of a second Phase 2 trial for pancreatic cancer that we believe are even better than the first one.
I know investors are ambivalent or downright dismissive of news and so the stock has gone nowhere recently. However, I defy anyone to read through results and compare the progress to the current market cap, and tell me the stock is not incredibly cheap.
Savvy investors and traders will pounce while the rest of the Street ignores NVLX and they could be well rewarded as more milestone events occur.
LOR: The Next Major Oncology Player
Today, we are initiating coverage of Lorus Therapeutics, Inc. (LOR.TO, OTCQB - LRUSF) a biopharma that is focused on novel anticancer drugs. The Company may be the most undervalued sleeper in the entire biotech segment. LOR has multiple anti-cancer therapies on 2 separate platforms, with several cancer indications, representing billions of dollars in market potential. The patent portfolio is vast, with 29 patents awarded and 19 pending.
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