A 300% Gainer Moving Higher

On the heels of our NFL theme yesterday, we are featuring a stock this morning that will likely resonate with many readers.

I am sure that fans all across the country were drinking beer and having a great time while watching the full slate of games, yesterday. Unfortunately, some of these fans have a serious problem with alcoholism and addiction to harmful substances.

The good news is that we are once again featuring a company that has designed what may be the holy grail of alcohol treatment. The Company’s program is so popular that it has already seen a 300% increase in enrollees in the past year, with even higher growth figures in the offing, as more clinics open around the country.

This Stock is a Three-Bagger

One of our favorite Opportunity Research (sponsored) companies released results last week and sales grew by 252% from last year to $14.1M with operating income increasing by 345%. The growth is outrageous which is why we believe it is an easy three-bagger.

New Trade Alert

We are issuing a trade alert on a NASDAQ company we have followed since 2011 that not only is primed to move much higher on the heels of M&A, but could be aided by the near term commencement of a short squeeze.

Fundamentally, company revenue could reach the $14M - $16M range this year, up from a few hundred thousand in 2013 and could achieve $25M+ in revenue next year, aided by recently closed and pending M&A. The stock, which has been the target of naked short selling, is primed to be driven to new levels by short covering in response to pending events, taking the fast-growing company to new highs.

Stock Could Triple on Higher Valuation

Today we are initiating coverage of a company that might be the perfect answer to a market correction, given its industry and asset class. At its peak, the stock carried a market cap of $200M. Today the dual-listed stock is a fraction of that level yet the model is better than ever. That is why we are projecting a triple from current levels.

This Upstart Has Industry-Leading Gross Margins

I am usually not a fan of sub-penny stocks given the inherent risk they pose. In the case of today’s profiled stock, I was compelled to make an exception. After all, the Company was profitable and posted $3.6 million in sales last year (up from $2.3M in 2010) and has a much higher gross margin than any of its competitors, including the publicly traded industry leader. It doesn’t hurt that its extremely low valuation of .3x its 2013 sales means it has room to move higher and could get a boost from the execution of its own M&A down the road.

New Trading Alert

We don’t issue more than 2 or 3 trading alerts in any given year and this is our first of 2014, so rest assured that we are highly confident that a quick 40% return is in the cards. Check out the thumbnail sketch of this unusual opportunity.

Huge Profits Ahead For Innovative Company

BioCorRx may have developed the holy grail of alcohol treatment, known as the Start Fresh Program, which is used by clinics across the country.The Company’s business model should result in major operating profits beginning next year as meaningful market penetration occurs.

Four Reasons to Buy This Stock
While the stock market’s performance of the past two days is enough to give most investors pause, an opportunity exists to invest in an under-the-radar firm in a fast-growing industry that trades at a low valuation relative to its peers and our price target. We initiated coverage of ML Capital Group (OTCQB – MLCG), an emerging company in the e-cigarette and vapor pen space, in June and the stock more than doubled in a matter of weeks as it had been oversold. The Company, and its industry are on a tremendous sales growth trajectory and we outline four reasons why to buy the stock in our latest research update.
PRHL’s Transformative Model Drives Exponential Growth
It is not often that management teams provide guidance or potential financial metrics from proposed new initiatives. It happened in spades yesterday, with a new press release issued by Premier Holding Corp., (OTCQ – PRHL). Operating in the $500 billion+ deregulated energy industry sector, Premier is thriving and is set to become one of the few vertically integrated energy service providers.
The Company’s extended model leverages its 1,500 commercial accounts and over 40,000 residential accounts with a modified business structure that helps ensure success. To learn more about how revenue could jump from an estimated $50M+ in 2015 to $500M in 2018 as a result of its new, proposed initiative
Stock Poised to Double on New Business

This stock is clearly oversold at current levels and with an expected resurgence in new business, as evidenced by yesterday’s news; we expect the stock to double from here in the near term. In our view, the business model is sound and management is in the early innings of the execution phase of that model. As a result, the current share price illustrates little risk and big upside.

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