Commercial Launch to Drive Stock Price and Valuation

Today we are issuing a research update on a company that has achieved impressive developmental and financial milestones. In just a matter of months, this company has improved its balance sheet, completed the early stages of testing, and has set itself up for a successful beta test phase and future commercial launch via a just announced $2M credit line.

Clearly, these moves reduce the risk in these shares and dramatically enhance the stock's value as the company progresses along the product developmental chain. It has a patent-pending, feature rich, innovative unified personal communications that is on the cusp of a commercial launch with the major potential market share success. Once the beta testing is completed and the platform is launched we believe that the stock could more than double from current levels.

Major New Initiative and New Clinics to Drive Growth Higher

Today we are issuing a research update on fast-growing pure play that should enjoy substantial growth in 2015 based on three factors:

  • The Company's reach in the U.S. is exponentially greater than a year ago
  • Management has embarked on a complementary venture with three very successful and well known healthcare and marketing experts.
    • This initiative includes the President & CEO of Bosley, the world's largest and most experienced hair restoration expert, which has been widely considered the preeminent direct-to-consumer, advertising-driven, retail medicine organization.
  • A just released article in The Wall Street Journal highlights renewed focus on the Company's market and even promotes similar concepts to the Company's offerings, which could drive greater awareness and attention on the company and its stock.

As a result, we plan to release updated pro forma financial projections in early 2015.

Innovative Technology Holding Company Engaged in Roll-up Strategy

By actively embracing new opportunities in digital technology, operations, and curriculum design, education leaders are seeking to re-define and substantially improve education efficacy and performance.  According to IBIS Capital Research, "By 2019, 50 percent of all high school courses will be delivered online." This rapid evolution of the education sector is driven by academic leaders seeking more effective, low-cost solutions that fully leverage technology to create the best possible outcomes for students. Through its current and future operations and subsidiaries, Sibling Group Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB – SIBE - $0.14 – NR)  sits at the apex of this estimated $4.2 trillion market.

Out of the Box Stock

When the market is giving investors mixed signals, especially in the face of new highs, it is time think outside the box. One microcap we have profiled recently is the only pure play of its kind and is thus the quintessential out of the box stock. Today, we have released an update which provides even more evidence of its inherent growth opportunities.

GOHE Transforming Payments Industry

Today we are issuing a research report on a company that just closed an acquisition that could change the face of the firm along with one of the largest industries in the world. We believe that the combined companies' technologies now represent the most comprehensive, cost-effective, convenient and feature-rich offerings available to the enterprises and consumers seeking these products and services. As a result we expect that the company will enjoy hockey-stick type revenue growth next year which is why our target price is essentially ten times that of the current share price.

Generating Big Revenue Growth

Today we are issuing an updated research report on a NASDAQ stock that appears poised to move much higher. Here's why:

  • The Company enjoyed over 300% revenue growth in its most recent quarter.
  • The CEO just bought 100,000 shares last week and may buy more.
  • An acquisition in August should be a major revenue contributor.
  • The stock should benefit from a huge day on Friday for its industry leader that released string Q3 results.
New Research Update

Today we are releasing an update on a stock under coverage that has made major strides to increase the company's overall value. Not only is it primed to rise based on future sales and developmental milestones but it is a great alternative to the traditional equities that have been getting smacked the past couple of weeks.

Diverse, Innovative Energy Player Offers Greatest Upside in the Space

We originally initiated coverage of today’s featured stock in 2012. It has risen by more than 500% since then and we expect similar returns going forward. This innovative company is set to introduce what may be the most disruptive technology in the chemical and energy industries in years, with target markets representing tens of billions of dollars.

With key milestones ahead, deep IP, and innovative offerings that could serve as better alternatives to existing products and processes, this stock has the wind at its back. Moreover, its joint ventures with Fortune 100 companies validate and confirm the huge inherent potential in these shares.

Top Pure Play

Today we are initiating coverage of a stock that trades at an incredibly low valuation for a revenue generating company with potentially high margins and with multiple shots on goal. Plus, this relative unknown is the only pure play of its kind.

As management continues to successfully execute its business model, the overall value of the company should rise dramatically, resulting in substantial stock accumulation.

New Trade Alert
Since our last trade alert on this NASDAQ company the stock reached a peak return of 12%. Looking ahead, the current, early stages of a short squeeze, new contract news, and a higher valuation for a key peer mean that this stock is primed to jump 20-25% from current levels in the near term. Yesterday, the Company announced a new, large scale contract, and, with a series of major LOIs, bids and trials to its credit, investors can expect more seven figure deals ahead. Interestingly, one if its peers also announced a big contract yesterday and the stock jumped 40%. See why we believe that this stock is the next one to move.
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