A Stock for Dog Lovers

Remember when we mentioned our joint venture relationship with Marble Arch Research whereby we are now occasionally producing research for its institutional clients? Well, we did last month, and now we deem the time is right to introduce you to a very interesting opportunity. Frankly, if you are a dog lover, you will likely fall in love with the stock.

Top 4 Things to Know

  • PetVivo Holdings (OTC – PETV) is well-positioned to emerge as the standard of care for the treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs and horses, an estimated $3.2 billion combined annual market. There is no current treatment for this unmet medical need, only treatment of the ailment’s symptoms.
  • Slated for full-scale commercialization in the coming months, the PetVivo platform directly improves activity, reduces pain, and is characterized by a strong safety profile. Given the efficacy of its treatment, affordable cost, and the emergence of new, profitable revenue streams for veterinarians PetVivo offers a compelling, therapy for beloved pets, vets, and owners alike.
  • PetVivo has a deep IP portfolio and enviable leadership team. With $15 million invested in R&D including $7 million from NIH, PetVivo has a 17 product-deep human and pet therapy. This includes a dermal filler for wrinkles that targets the cosmetic market. A successful Pivotal FDA Human Trial has been completed but an FDA Premarket Approval (PMA) submission will be deferred until 2017.
  • At 1x 2017 sales, the stock trades at a substantial discount to its peer group, which trades at a nearly 7x P/S multiple. Our price target is based upon a 6x sales multiple on 2017E revenue and affirmed by a Net Present Value (NPV) calculation derived from our preliminary 2019 revenue forecast of $30M.
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