Nanomedicine Activity is Major Positive for NVLX

In recent months, a slew of activity has occurred in the nanomedicine, or nanobiotechnology industry, which bodes well for Nuvilex Inc. (OTCQB – NVLX), an international firm engaged in live-cell encapsulation technology to treat pancreatic cancer along with the development and study of the use of medical marijuana for the treatment of oncology patients. 

According to a recent Reuters article, nanomedicine is: “The ability to encapsulate potent drugs in tiny particles measuring billionths of a meter in diameter is opening up new options for super-accurate drug delivery, increasing precision hits at the site of disease with, hopefully, fewer side effects.”

It sounds very much like the definition for Nuvilex’s Cell-in-a-Box technology.

The activity in this space has been very high of late, owing to three very large development deals with one of nanobiotechnology’s leading firms. In the past two months alone, privately held Bind Therapeutics alone has closed 3 development deals with drug giants Pfizer, Amgen, and AstraZeneca.  Significant upfront dollars have been paid and if all of the proposed drugs under development were to receive approval, it could be worth at least several hundred million dollars to Bind Therapeutics.

Although the live cells used in the Nuvilex (OTCQB – NVLX) encapsulation technology are a bit larger than what could be considered nanobiotechnology, the methodology behind the delivery methods are remarkably similar, as is the primary targeted disease: cancer.  In both cases, pro-drugs are encapsulated and targeted directly at the tumor with greater efficacy than traditional methods and with far less toxicity.

It is apparent that a great deal of attention is just now beginning to emerge with respect to firms developing tiny, targeted delivery systems to treat major diseases like cancer and that a great value is now being placed upon their intellectual property and approach.  Much like other industries, when the leaders begin to make waves in a new arena, it tends to open up the floodgates with other firms following suit.  As Nuvilex edges closer to submitting protocols for future trials, industry observers may begin to mention the Company’s technology in the same breath as some of the leading nanobiotechnology firms. 


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