NVLX: Another State Makes It Official

On May 6, 2013, Goldman Small Cap Research published an Article on Nuvilex, Inc. (OTCQB – NVLX).  For your convenience, a copy of the article can be found below.

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Another State Makes It Official

Late last week, Governor Martin O’Malley made it official. Following a public bill-signing ceremony, the State of Maryland will now become the 19th state in the Union to approve a medical marijuana program. The medical marijuana bill allows academic medical research centers to establish programs to dispense marijuana to sick patients.  As each state in the U.S. passes medical marijuana legislation, the size of the industry dramatically grows.

In particular, adding Maryland to the mix is a major plus for Nuvilex, Inc. (OTCQB – NVLX), an international firm engaged in live-cell encapsulation technology to treat pancreatic cancer along with the development and study of the use of medical marijuana for the treatment of oncology patients.  Nuvilex (OTCQB – NVLX) is headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland and the state is a hotbed of medical research for not just the region but the entire nation.  Thus, Nuvilex (OTCQB – NVLX) benefits from the launch of the local medical marijuana program and the access to world-class medical research institutions such as Johns Hopkins University, the University of Maryland, and the National Institute of Health.  

Not to be outdone, there are 9 other states that have legislation pending before their governing bodies regarding the medical marijuana issue. For example, many industry pundits believe that Texas, with a population of over 26 million people, and the fastest growing state in the union based on absolute population and economic growth, could eventually pass laws similar to Maryland.

In the near term, other states that have legislation pending in what could be termed as the late innings include the 3rd most populous state in the country, New York.  Proponents of medical marijuana programs in the Empire State have been gaining steam of late and it appears that legislation could indeed pass very soon. Other states in this category are Florida and Illinois, the 4th and 5th largest states in the U.S., respectively.  Once these 3 states come on line, over half of the country’s population will reside in states that have passed some form of medical marijuana legislation. 

Such an event would serve as a real catalyst for the industry. Clearly, that milestone would have a major impact on stocks such as Nuvilex, Inc. (OTCQB – NVLX) that have business lines focused on medical marijuana research. 

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