Opportunity Research Overview

Our sponsored or “paid” Opportunity Research format seeks to provide research coverage and visibility to an underserved market. In most cases, these companies have reached an inflection point in their business models and reflect these characteristics:

  • Company is engaged in a large addressable market.
  • We deem that the Firm has inherent advantages.
  • Company has a strong management team with a history of success.
  • The stocks appear attractive based on peer group comps and other valuation metrics.

Few investment bank research departments cover small cap and microcap companies unless they have an existing corporate finance relationship or coverage in a specific industry segment. This has resulted in thousands of “orphaned” stocks currently trading in U.S. markets, with no coverage and/or and little investor awareness. One quip on Wall Street is that many of these stocks “trade by appointment.”

Via this format, we routinely produce research reports, updates, trade alerts, and articles. This diverse approach seeks to enhance the limited visibility that hampers stocks' capital appreciation potential and companies’ abilities to increase the value of their firms via future financings, M&A, or other transactions. Without our research coverage, existing shareholders have access to limited information on company progress and potential investors may never find out about a Firm’s exciting prospects. These stocks typically trade on the OTC markets but can also trade on the NYSE or the NASDAQ, and carry higher risk profiles, due to their early stage fundamentals and trading volatility, but can offer greater upside as well. 

Investors should view these covered stocks as publicly traded venture capital due to their high risk, high reward, and lower history of success than their larger, publicly traded brethren.

It is important to note that while we may track performance separately, we utilize many of the same coverage criteria in determining coverage of all stocks in both research formats.  Given the early stage nature of these stocks, and their associated higher risk profiles, weaker financial position and volatile trading, big swings in share prices are common. Companies typically have a limited financial and operating history and only limited information is usually available. The information used and statements of fact are obtained from sources considered reliable but we neither guarantee nor represent the completeness or accuracy. Goldman Small Cap Research does not make an independent investigation or inquiry as to the accuracy of any information provided by the Company, other firms, or other financial news outlets. Goldman Small Cap Research relies solely upon information provided by companies through filings, press releases, presentations, and through its own internal due diligence for accuracy and completeness. 

Therefore, in order to mitigate risk, investors may wish to view these stocks as publicly traded venture capital firms and may consider engaging in either a short term trading strategy or a long term holding approach, in order to maximize potential gains and limit downside risk.

Our Distribution and Reach

In addition to the emails we routinely send to our subscribers, we provide information via social media postings on Facebook, Twitter, and other key channels. News of our reports are released on major wire services and can be accessed through Yahoo! Finance, AOL Finance, Bloomberg, Marketwatch, MSN Money, Google Finance, PR Newswire, Accesswire, and hundreds of other major financial outlets. Report summaries, blogs, and articles with links to our site can also be found on third-party partner sites including SmallCapNetwork.com, CPreports.com, and others